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About Zach's Xmas Trees

September Pre-Order Specials

Each year our Pre-Order Packages sell out, so don't miss out and order today. 


At Zach's Xmas Trees our Christmas trees are 3.5 years old and sometimes 4.5 years old, This allows for our Christmas trees to be bushy, shaped and manicured. Our Christmas trees last longer at your house compared to Christmas trees from other outlets which are only 2.5 year old and do not last as long.


Tree Care

The most important ingredient to keep your tree in the best shape is water. Ensure your tree is constantly topped up with water. If the water runs out and the stump dries out you can trim approximately 5 - 10 mm off the bottom.

The best way to stand your tree is in one of our Cinco Christmas tree stands that has a large water reservoir. If you are using a bucket we recommended putting large stones between the bucket wall and tree stump. This will allow the tree to drink the required amount of water.

Keep your Christmas tree out of direct sunlight, avoid putting next to a window or in front of a heat pump.

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